The castle.

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In 1710, could Prince-Bishop Johann Franz von Stauffenberg have imagined the amazing impact the residence he built would have on visitors over 300 years later? The results of 60 years of construction work and complete renovations in 2012 are truly unrivalled. Meersburg New Palace is one of Germany’s most original Baroque residences.

The splendid façade of the single wing structure is just as fascinating as the magnificent white staircase, which leads to the beautifully stuccoed rooms on the second floor. The castle garden has a strong Mediterranean flair, including a terrace with a singular view of Lake Constance and Säntis. Another highlight is the two-storey chapel, which is fully integrated into the castle construction. The Rococo style of this room immortalises many of the most significant artists of their time. 

The history behind the imposing building can best be experienced on a guided tour offered by the cultural tourism sponsor, Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden Württemberg.

Unforgettable events in a royal setting.

Since 2012, the Traube Tonbach Catering & Events team has been responsible for the food service at the castle. The renowned Black Forest hotel brings its philosophy of quality in fine dining to Lake Constance in the catering options available at Meersburg New Palace. The team works with the new castle of Meersburg, which is responsible for renting the rooms, to offer unique opportunities for events of all sizes in this royal setting: including parties at the castle seeseits and lakeside terrace, business events in our conference rooms, and festive gala dinners and elegant receptions in our large mirrored Spiegelsaal.

Hendrik Bauer

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