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Connoisseurs and castle visitors can relax and enjoy the seeseits im Neuen Schloss Meersburg whenever the museum is open. The restaurant seeseits offers light dishes and a selection of fine homemade cakes, ice cream and coffee and tea specialities. While dining on the lovely sunny terrace, you can order from our daily menu before devoting your full attention to the lake. With views in three compass directions, you will marvel at the most impressive perspective of Lake Constance in the region, overlooking the lower town of Meersburg.

An ideal place to stop, the perfect place to celebrate.

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The seeseits and its sunny terrace offer two unique options for smaller events, stylish receptions and effortless summer parties. With seating for 34 in the seeseits and another 100 guests on the terrace, it is also possible to host larger groups. You can choose from the wide range of culinary offerings that Traube Tonbach Catering has to offer, including everything from delicate finger foods and regional buffets to grand five-course dinners.  

Our cafe serves a daily menu of seasonal dishes. You can download the menu here.

Opening hours: 

Daily: 11 - 6.00 p.m.

Mondays: closed

Opening hours may change due to events. Please note the daily opening hours on our Google profile.



seeseits im Neuen Schloss Meersburg

Schlossplatz 12, 88709 Meersburg
Tel.:+49 7532 807941 20